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La Couture Boussey - Ezy sur Eure - Bueil

Located at the Normandy gate, La Couture-Boussey is also the cradle of the manufacture of wind instruments since the 16th century. A museum houses an impressive collection of instruments. Free visits - more information HERE

Located at 5 km from La Couture-Boussey, Ezy-sur-Eure offers a beautiful market on Sunday morning and a museum of combs and ornaments. More information HERE

At 6 km from La Couture-Boussey, Bueil hosts a movie museum. More information HERE

Anet and Ivry la Bataille

Anet is at 6 kms of La Couture Boussey and houses the last home of Diane de Poitiers who came to live here after the death of Henry II at a tournament. More information HERE

Located at 5 km from the house, Ivry la bataille takes its name from the famous battle during which Henry IV said "rally to my white plume". You can visit the ruins of a medieval castle and a calvados distillery. More information HERE


This small village made famous by Claude Monet is 25 kms from the house. You can visit the house of the famous artist, the Museum of Impressionism and stroll through the alleys by visiting the many art galleries - More information HERE

In a one hour journey....

- Evreux (25km)
- Dreux (20km)
- Thoiry (35km)
- Chateau Gaillard (50km)
- Versailles (60km)
- Chartres (60km)
- Rouen (75km)

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